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What does a life coach do?

There are moments in our life when we can become stuck. You may have decided to ignore this and just keep moving through life in a state of numbness.

At some point that state of being will impact other areas of your life:






You have now reached a crossroads.

Do you keep going down the same path or do you see where the other path leads you?


I promise that I will walk by your side and hold you accountable for the changes YOU choose, with compassion,

a hint of tough love, and sprinkles of laughter when needed.

The glue that joins it together is faith.


Can I share something with you? Nobody's life is perfect 100% of the time. All those images and posts you see on social media, as you all know, are scripted and edited to display a perfect life. Why live your life like that? What is wrong with sharing the good, bad, and ugly? 

Are you living your life in YOUR integrity? In spirit and in truth? As a certified Transformational Coach, I will help you:

I love helping people and can't walk away from someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. Take the leap of faith and let me walk alongside you to help you realign your compass to find your north.

clear out the chaos in your mind

work together to create healthy habits

let go of limiting beliefs

design goals that excite you to move forward.

introduce you to new tools or perhaps remind you of old one

take control of the negative voice in your mind


My coaching approach is to aim to bring to light the client's blind spots by enhancing the way they view themselves.

I approach this by being holistic as I see the client as a whole, not in separate pieces. However, it's those pieces that may need realigning. Doing this creates the transformation that they need to do but not understanding how to begin.

Everyone learns and grows differently and I create a space where I hold them accountable without judgment. In doing so they can look at themselves in the mirror, and can finally accept the good, the bad, and the ugly and start peeling back the onion layers.

This allows them to start with a clean slate and together we create new habits that allow them to be empowered and to take the leap of faith.

All with a sprinkle of laughter


By guiding you to feel safe to truthfully look within yourself,

I shine the light on your blind spots and hold your hand through your discoveries

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Opening the door to rediscovering your true self.


Once the door is open, then we will be able to walk through and learn what makes you, YOU.


Your true values and beliefs. Acknowledging what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Face the truth of what is blocking you: fear, shame, guilt, abandonment, etc.



You have turned the page to your next chapter.

You are now putting together your map, your new journey.

Where do you want to go?

What makes your heart sing?


We work on creating realistic and achievable goals and bringing back joy to your life.

You learn to reconnect with your dreams with the inner child that wants to eagerly come out and play. Nothing is holding you back. All it takes is that first step.

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Delving into your depths, unlocking what's been hidden away through identifying behaviors and patterns.

The journey may entail reflection in order to understand the present and to help you move forward.

Being able to see the possibilities that you have not been able to see

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Failure is nothing to fear but a tool used to learn how to succeed. Nothing happens overnight unless it's a miracle, and they do happen.

During this stage, it's also about choices.

Creating a new life and habits requires consistency to break through past battles.

At this stage, you work through taking a leap of faith and creating the person you were created to be.

Let's get started.

It's time to clarify your direction and realign your compass.

Experience a free consultation with no obligation and see where the journey takes you.

All plans start with a Discovery Session.

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