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frequently asked questions

  • Who can have a life coach?
    Anyone and everyone. The question is are you open to changing what is no longer working for you in your life? When a person is curious and open to seeing what is possible, then seeking out the service of a life coach is a great step. Research shows people remain more focused and gain quicker results when they enrol the support of a life coach.
  • Who do you work with?
    Currently, I cater for a broad spectrum of people. The important thing is I help you to separate yourself from the story that you have created. I help you to get out of your head and give you tools to work with. This takes time and patience because we all take two steps forward and ten steps back.
  • Is there a difference between online coaching and in-person?
    What is actually important in a coaching session is my ability to create a safe space for the client. Being a people person, I easily build rapport with someone through any methods. The benefit of online coaching is it's time efficient, the client can remain in the comfort of their home, and we can both still have a coffee together and have a relaxing session. I hold the sessions online due to the current issues that we are all facing regarding covid however this can still be discussed and arrangements made if the client requires in-person.
  • Single session or a plan, what do I do?
    The client is in the drivers seat. Whether you choose to just dip your toe in with a single session, or decide to take a leap of faith and do a package. The choice is always yours. We start off with a discovery session (FREE), see if we both fit and then the client decides what their next move is. If they want to book in then we meet on a fortnightly basis and go from there..
  • Are you qualified?
    Life coaching is a big pool. Everyone walks their own path and the choices they make are relevant to their values. My core values are: - integrity - loyalty - respect - love - compassion - honesty - communication Although it is quite acceptable to become a life coach based on one's life experiences, I have always been a "How" person. I needed to know and understand the fundamentals first in order to be confident to take the next step. For me to be a coach, I needed to have the piece of paper. I needed to know that I also had the processes to help guide you along your journey because we are all different. I graduated from The Jay Shetty Certification School which has accreditation from the ICF (International Coaching Federation).
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