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business consulting

These two programs are a combination of business consulting and coaching. Having a background as an Accountant, I have the skills and tools that will help you organize yourself, your business and matched up with coaching your life. 

We will sit together to learn what your present situation is, then discuss what you would like your future to be.

We then create your plan and the action steps to make it a reality.

Emerald Plan

Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Clear Out The Clutter

Business Consultation. Small to medium-sized businesses that are treading water. You're good at what you do but the weakness in the chain is processes and procedures.

The dreaded administration and clutter.

Diamond Plan

Image by Leio McLaren
Help You Climb The Mountain

Encompasses the Emerald Plan and includes Staff Consultation. Understanding the importance of staff and creating an environment of teamwork and effective leadership. The ship can't be steered alone.

Business Setup & Bookkeeping


Processes & Procedures

Length - Negotiable

Online & Face-To-Face

Change Management

Single & or Group Coaching

Length - Negotiable

Online & Face-To-Face

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