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As life is full of changes and never set in concrete, so too are my offerings. After our free consultation, we can discuss what best suits your needs, even working on a session-by-session basis.

The following programs are created so that clients can obtain the most effective outcomes during their journey.

Session-by-session basis is also available without making a long-term commitment.

Discovery Session


This allows you to experience what a coaching session is like with no obligations.

Either walk through a topic of choice or we can use the Wheel of Life to discover what you are not seeing, or we can just have a chat and see where it takes us.


Once Only

1 Hour Session


Silver Plan

Hand Touching Water
Dip Your Toe in
$175 per session

You're not sure about life coaching yet, you know what you have previously done has not worked. This plan allows you to get a feel for it without any pressure. Once you're safe and comfortable you can upgrade to other packages or just continue with a session-by-session process.



6 x Fortnightly Sessions

3 Months

1 Hour Sessions

Short-term Action Steps


Golden Plan

Cloudy Fog
Get You Unstuck
$150 per session

Create a goal & hold my hand. You know what you're

doing isn't working AND you've acknowledged

you can't do this alone.

You've decided you need someone to help you get

started and create a new journey.


13 x Fortnightly Sessions

6 Months

1 Hour Sessions

Action Steps/Goal Setting / Get you unstuck


platinum plan

Image by Il Vagabiondo
help you gain direction
$140 per session

I've lost my direction - help me see the light.

You've thrown your hands in the air. You may be about to give up. You've realized you're in a hole and you don't remember how or why it happened and you don't know how to get out.


26 x Fortnightly Sessions

12 Months

1 Hour Sessions

Strategy Life Plan

Online & Face-to-Face


When I started working with Michelle,  I was feeling really stuck in my life, with no real direction or knowing how to move forward.


Through her honest and caring approach, I immediately felt at ease and was able to bring everything to the table. She was able to help me to focus on my purpose and the achievement of key goals by identifying negative self-beliefs and behavioral patterns, which were holding me back.  

Michelle got straight to the root of the problem and shared insights that opened up new possibilities for me by reconfiguring my negative thoughts into positive ones and by combatting my fears and replacing it with confidence.  

Michelle is a very caring coach who genuinely listens. She knows both when to have a laugh and when to bring on 100% accountability, which was an incredible combination as I completely understood that it was always my journey, however, I had confidence knowing that I had someone guiding me on my travels with my best interest at heart. 

Michelle R

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